Concept Manufacturing Europe has been marketing its long-standing brands “Concept Microfibre” and “Delta Microfibre” to the professional hygiene and cleaning sectors.
New brands have been added to the company’s range of activities: “Art Clean” in GSA and “Blue Bubble” in E-commerce.
Concept Manufacturing also offers all its know-how to promote and market customer-branded products.

The Concept Microfibre range was the first to be launched. The company bore the name of this range at the time the business was started out before becoming Concept Manufacturing.

Delta Microfibre, the younger and near twin sister of the Concept Microfibre range, was launched to satisfy a clientele of distributors wishing to market high quality products, intended for professional customers targeting the restaurant, hotel, local communities and industrial sectors.

The Art’Clean range includes all the products offered in mass distribution. The products are intended for end consumers, and benefit from the knowledge and innovations resulting from professional technologies. They therefore offer qualitative and high-performance products to as many people as possible.

The Blue Bubble range is dedicated to bathroom linen and is divided into four families: bath linen, the beach/vacation, the outdoors, and sports.